Netflix Xbox Exclusivity a hoax, Sony PS3 also gets Netflix Streaming

October 26, 2009, By Atul Roach

Netflix now on PS3

Xbox exclusive no more, Netflix has finally arrived for the Sony PlayStation owners and simultaneously the talks of those exclusivity for the Microsoft gaming console have vanished in to thin air. Courtesy of the Netflix and Sony Deal, the Netflix members will be able to access content (on demand) through the PlayStation 3 gaming consoles beginning this November. Watching online TV and renting movies never got easier for the 10 million owners of the PS3 Consoles across North America.

What is also ironical is the fact that it will be free for PS3 owners where the Xbox owners pay $50 annually as Netflix belongs to the ‘Gold’ tier of Xbox live services.

The services will be set free using an instant streaming Blu-ray disc that will be offered to Netflix members. This will bring the Netflix user interface to the PS3 thereby allowing users to choose and queue content that will then be streamed through the PS3/WiFi connectivity.

There is nothing more that Sony is willing to reveal at this point in time but the fact that Netflix is not limited to the Xbox is satiating enough for the time being. [via: TFTS]

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