Google Music October 28 Release Date is intentional?

October 26, 2009, By Atul Roach

Google Music

The much hyped Motorola Droid from Verizon will go public in a couple of days i.e. October 28 is no hidden fact but, on the same day, there is another service which will go public and that is Google Music. Now we all know that Google was a major force behind the development of the Motorola Droid which runs on Google’s Mobile OS, Android 2.0. The clash of these release dates could mean that Google wants to seriously challenge the popularity of the iTunes as well and some version of the Google music will serve as equivalent of iTunes for the Droid.

We are not confirming the notion as yet as Google music (from what is known) is an easy way to preview songs upon which Google redirects the potential buyers to sites where those songs can be purchased. Despite all this, there is a discreet possibility of Google teaming up with the Motorola Droid to leave no stone unturned in challenging the iPhone might.

Another interesting fact is that Google is readying Vevo in collaboration with Universal sometime in the future and speculation is that Vevo is a service that will let users watch videos online. Now if Google combines Vevo and Google Music with the Droid, the collaboration could send down some shivers to Cupertino. The picture will get clearer in a couple of days and that is when we will talk next. [Courtesy: Zdnet]

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