Motorola Droid for Verizon Debuts Next Week

October 22, 2009, By Alex Ion

Motorola Droid Android Smartphone

If you’re among those who’d give anything to know more about Motorola Droid and its release date on Verizon, stop taking those pills as we managed to get our hands on some info concerning a special event hosted by the two companies, next week on October 28, where the wraps will be taken off and, what looks like iPhone’s toughest competitor ever, will actually see daylight.

The Motorola Droid leaked last week and we covered it extensively, but with the Verizon announcement around the corner we’re getting more and more excited. We already know that under the stylish metal chassis there’s a a slide-out keyboard with a soft-touch rubberized finish, an TI OMAP3430 processor that makes it the fastest Android (Android 2.0 Donut that is) smartphone out there. Not to mention the large capacitive display that promises amazing contrast and brightness.

Verizon and Motorola are playing their cards extremely good if you ask us, with all the buzz created around the Droid with we can easily call it the “most desirable phone of the year” — actually they did, but we agree.

Great marketing guys, you got us hooked up in here!

[via TFTS]

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