Facebook Relaunches Touchscreen Mobile Support

October 22, 2009, By Alex Ion

Facebook has launched a new mobile version of its site designed for touchscreen phones. Though an iPhone-specific version of Facebook has been available for users, some of the touchscreen phones had problems using a version of the site much better suited to phones with keys.

This re-launched site gives you access to all key parts of the service and is available at touch.facebook.com


In a statement to AllFacebook, the company stated:

We’ve redesigned our mobile site for touch devices (x.facebook.com and iphone.facebook.com) with new features and to make it look and feel like other Facebook mobile and Web properties.

The site also has a new domain name, touch.facebook.com. A user only needs to type Facebook.com into the address bar of their mobile browser and they will be automatically directed to the Facebook mobile site best suited to their device.

The goal is for our mobile products to offer a familiar user experience that is simple and easy-to-use regardless of the device they choose.

Touchscreen phone users will surely find this as a prolific option to access Facebook.

Source: AllFacebook (via TheNextWeb )

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