Twitter-Bing and Facebook-Bing realtime search feed deals confirmed

October 21, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Microsoft today announced separate deals with both Facebook and Twitter in a what could be one the first big things for their Bing search engine. With the deal, Bing will get a real-time data-update feeds from both Facebook’s and Twitter’s networks. Microsoft is all set to announce the deal in a few hours at a Web 2.0 summit.


The Twitter-Bing deal was earlier reported about but the Facebook deal comes as a big surprise. Facebook has the largest pool of updates with its 300m + audience and more than 40m updates daily. Both of the social networking companies were reported to have been pursuing similar negotiations with Google. For the first time, Bing will have something to offer, which Google doesn’t.

While the services will take a few weeks to be up and running, a demo is expected to be shown today. The deals does bring some interesting scenarios into the equation. In case of Twitter, most of the updates are already public, so they can be directly incorporated realtime into Bing’s search services. But in case of Facebook, most of the data is personal . So Facebook is expected to provide tools to its users to make some of their updates publicly available for search.

Microsoft had experimented earlier this year with inserting selected twitter feed data into their results. They also provide search services to Facebook as a part of a major investment deal made several years ago. Both Microsoft and rival Google had attempted to buy out Twitter and Facebook in deals that never came into reality. The new deal will probably involve millions of dollars to both the social networking giants and also revenue-sharing proposals.

Together, Twitter and Facebook represent the largest collection of realtime and content-sharing information generated from their truly massive data streams. Access to this data should go a long way in helping Microsoft turbocharge Bing.

[Via AllThingsD]

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