Motorola Droid Android Phone: Pre-Release Review

October 21, 2009, By Atul Roach

Motorola Droid smartphone 5

Motorola Droid or call it the Sholes is one Android Device the world is waiting. As far as the hardcore gadget freaks are concerned, they want to see it out for it can probably end the iPhone supremacy and that is something even we would admire. Not that we hate the iPhone, but this challenge from Motorola might eventually bring out a better product from Apple.

So what is special about the Droid that makes us so hopeful, you may ask!

To begin with, it is slightly thicker than the iPhone 3G S which is a major achievement given the fact that the Droid is a slider with a Full QWERTY keyboard and it houses the biggest capacitive display yet on an Android powered device.

The Droid is also the fastest Android powered handset, thanks to its TI OMAP3430 processor mated to Android 2.0. What is more is the fact that the QWERTY keypad is not there for a mere show and the rubberized soft-touch finish makes it pretty usable.

Not to mention, there is a desktop cradle/charger which will ship with the handset and this cradle will give the Droid surreal multimedia abilities.

Many thanks to our friends from BGR for the images.

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