Google Phone 2.0 in Detail

October 21, 2009, By Atul Roach

For a few, the term Google Phone 2.0 is absolutely alien so they need to be told that it is just another name for the second version of the Google mobile OS, Android. The much anticipated Motorola Droid is the one that is powered by this OS, just to make things a little more explicable. Also, another clarification needed before we tell you more about Android 2.0 is that Google is not at all readying its own handset and therefore Google 2.0 is not a name of any handset coming in the future.

Google Phone 2.0_Android Second Version

As far as the Android 2.0 OS is concerned, the droid users will discover that they can run the applications quicker than usual times and even while multi-tasking, the features are more readily accessible.

Unlike the normal handsets, the Android 2.0 powered devices will have a contact list that includes contacts from Facebook as well. The Zooming function also gets a boost with this OS and the users also get to use the latest and updated Google Maps.

Another marked change is the improvement in support for Microsoft Exchange. Google 2.0 users can integrate their mails from various accounts into one common place.

There are features that make the phone usage easier while driving and even video uploading will be less cumbersome a task. Just to remind you again, Google 2.0 is not a handset! [via: Makli]

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