Asus Designo MS monitor captivates with its good looks

October 21, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wafer-thin is what the new Asus Designo MS monitor is. Though it has taken quite a while to come by, it seems Asus has given us what we were waiting for.

Asus Designo MS

The official images put out by Asus say the 16mm thin Designo MS monitor has all in it to be a piece to be shown off. But then, let us look at performance too.

Try watching a movie on the monitor and you may not be impressed too much. With a capability to show you 1080p visuals, the monitor has all in it to show a flick. But then, you would always not want to watch your favorite movies on it. If you are someone who has got a taste of the Apple Cinema Display, you will realize that the picture quality on the Designo MS monitor leaves a lot to be desired. Asus will be unveiling 20, 22, 21.5, 23 and 23.6-inch versions, we hear.

Impressive, however, are the exterior and the looks. The circular kickstand is a charmer, indeed. We are yet to hear as to when Asus will bring in its Designo MS monitor. The pricing too is under wraps. However, it is expected that the price would be nowhere near the amount you will have to shell out for the Apple Cinema Display.

(via Electricpig)

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