Motorola Droid Android Phone: What to Expect?

October 19, 2009, By Atul Roach

The fact that the Motorola Droid phone will be a Verizon baby is no secret and so is the detail that it will be the slimmest Android phone from Motorola. With so much being speculated about the phone’s future, let us just gather what the phone will eventually arrive with.

Motorola Droid_Image

To begin with, it will be the fastest Android phone running on a TI OMAP3430 processor. What will give the Apple contingent shivers is that the Droid is slightly thicker than the 3G S but it still qualifies as the slimmest QWERTY slider.

Another interesting integration is the capacitive display which is one of the highlights of the phone. As far as the keypad is concerned, it gives you the feel good factor courtesy of its soft-touch rubberized finish but some say that the keypad design is not yet final.

A special accessory that will be shipped with the entire package is the cradle (charger) that can turn the Droid into a multimedia station even capable of displaying local weather and time. We are banking heavily on the Droid to end the iPhone supremacy and the chances are bright. [Via: BGR]

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