ii-View A2 Netbook is an affordable option with a handy size

October 19, 2009, By Atul Roach

Netbooks aren’t the rage anymore with products like the the ‘CrunchPad’ aiming to go mainstream but that does not demoralize the new names that strive to become popular. ii-View for instance has also raided the crowded netbook market with its ‘affordable’ A2 Netbook that promises big time features at a regular price. Basically speaking, there is nothing novel about this offering but an affordable option with basic features and a 12.1-inch LCD is laudable.

ii-View-A2 Netbook

On the inside, the ii-View A2 Netbook houses an Intel Atom N270 processor so that is one of the reason it qualifies as a genuine netbook. The processor is assisted by 2GB of RAM and 320GB HDD.

As mentioned before it is uncanny for a $399 offering to come with a 12.1-inch LCD but that is one factor which makes this product worth a watch.

Courtesy of the screen size (1280 by 800 res) the netbook is able to accommodate a full-size keyboard and even a touchpad assisted by gesture control technology.

If you people still feel that the pricing is unjust, ii-View is ready to please you with a similar offering that has a reduced screen size at 10-inches. [via: Slashgear]

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