BlackBerry to get inPulse smartwatch accessory soon

October 19, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For some time now, we have been bombarded with news of a BlackBerry watch accessory that was to arrive. We now realize what we heard was, in fact, true. The inPulse smartwatch, designed specifically for use with the BlackBerry, is all set for launch.


Before you run into conclusions, the inPulse smartwatch is not made by the BlackBerry makers, nor will it sport a BlackBerry logo. We learn the watch is being made for use with BlackBerry smartphones. Guess we could call it the BlackBerry-connected smartwatch.

That in fact settles doubts on whether the smart watch would replace your BlackBerry.  Instead of replacing your Blackberry, you can use the new inPulse on occasions when you are in a meeting, driving through heavy traffic or while on holiday trekking the hills.  This means the smartwatch would be a perfect and smart BlackBerry accessory.

The inPulse smartwatch would come endowed with a big and charming OLED screen. The previews say the screen has been optimized for clarity in text display. Significant about the OLED is that it makes sure that your battery stays live for more time.

What we would suggest is, if you own a BlackBerry, go for a smartwatch accessory when it launches. The smartwatch will help you access notifications and previews of messages that land on your BlackBerry while you are in an important meeting.

(via Crackberry)

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