Motorola and Verizon to unveil Droid Android phone by end of October

October 18, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola and Verizon have announced their Droid Android phone, which is expected to debut by the end of October 2009. Though it comes sporting the looks of an iPhone, we hear there is more to the Droid that could make you dream of owning one.


The phone is so slim that it beats the iPhone 3GS in thickness and also comes with a slide-out keyboard. Been called by different names such as Tao and Sholes earlier, the Droid is further luring, owing to its use of the Verizon network.

Expected to run on v.2.0 of Android that boasts of a heavily upgraded user interface, the Droid will come equipped with the TI OMAP3430. As you all know, this is the same core used by the iPhone and Palm Pre. We have been told that the TI OMAP3430 has the capability to outdo Qualcomm 528MHz ARM11-based modern day Android phones. So, now you know what to expect from the Droid.

With news of the Droid arrival gaining momentum, Apple is expected to gear up for a showdown. The new Android’s flagship product will, no doubt, be a threat to Apple’s iPhone. Apple might even do something better in a few months’ time. For the time being, we are indeed looking forward to a month-end date for the Droid to finally arrive.

(via Techcrunch)

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