Samsung Blue Earth and LG GD510 Pop Get Priced, Explained

October 14, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Solar-powered phones have debuted from the stables of South Korean companies Samsung and LG Electronics. While Samsung has introduced the Blue Earth, LG has taken the wraps off of its new GD510 Pop — both models boasting  a touch screen interface.

Samsung’s Blue Earth comes with a shell made from recycled plastic water bottles and has a solar panel on its back. LG, however, has said that its solar panel is an optional add-on which can be fixed on the backside of the phone.


With two solar-powered phones at your disposal, it might be difficult for you to decide on which one to choose, right?

A look at the features could bring in more clarity, we guess. The two models are green as they are intended to be but if you go the LG model and want to remain environment-friendly you might have to shell out $50 more as the optional solar panel comes for an additional price.

Price wise, Samsung will sell the Blue Earth for around $300, while LG’s GD510 Pop will also come for the same amount plus $50 for the optional solar panel.

Samsung has said that its Blue Earth can be charged with a traditional plug-in cord. The Blue Earth phone will stay on for 10 minutes of talk after being charged for around an hour under sunlight. LG, in the meantime, stated that its model can hold power for 13 minutes of talk after you charge it for an hour under sunlight.

Common factors for both the phones include software that gauges distance traveled, and to measure the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that can be cut by resorting to physical activities with regard to travel. The features read thus. It is now left to you to decide on which model to grab.

(via Wall Street Journal)

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