T-Mobile Hopes to Recover Lost Sidekick Data

October 13, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sidekick users’ information, believed to be lost owing to huge server failure by Microsoft’s Danger subsidiary, can be recovered, hopes T-Mobile. It has said that the efforts aimed at recovery of information have been showing signs of success. Though T-Mobile had put a check on sales of the Sidekick even as news of information loss gained momentum, the carrier now hopes for the best.  The hopes have triggered a silver lining after massive disappointment dawned on Sidekick users when the server failure threatened loss of data.


Efforts now having been strengthened to recover lost Sidekick users’ information, T-Mobile has also offered a $100 customer appreciation card towards its service or products to users who fear permanent data loss. The company is gearing up to disseminate details of this offer to customers and will be able to do in a fortnight.

T-Mobile is also letting people know that it would be best if they could desist themselves from removing the battery on the Sidekick or even resetting the device. It has also warned not to let Sidekick run out of power so that it would be helpful in the company’s efforts aimed at restoration of the server infrastructure.

(via CNet)

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