LG Display Powers E-Books With Lightweight Solar Cell

October 12, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

South Korean major LG Display has brought out a new lightweight solar cell capable of recharging the batteries of an electronic reader. The IMID trade fair underway in Seoul saw the solar cell on display. The new cell could be seen as a boon to your extended hours of e-book use outdoors.


LG Display has put on show a prototype that combines LG Display’s solar cell and e-book Sony Reader. Significant about the new special lightweight solar cell is the fact that around five hours of exposure to sunlight would stretch the e-book battery by at least a day’s time.

With e-books already riding on high demand for their capability of storing innumerable books inside an electronic gadget, the creation of the lightweight solar cell by LG Display comes as a welcome addition. Longer usage has been long considered a must when it comes to e-books.

Meanwhile, we hear LG Display isn’t going to stop at that. The company has stated that the next aim would be to improve energy efficiency of the solar cell before the environmentally-friendly e-books go on sale by around year 2012.

We think the new solar cell comes as an advantage for e-book users. However, many out there feel that e-books, being low energy consumer devices as such, already have enough battery lives to go on and on. Try spending more time in the park reading all you want in your e-book and you will know better.

(via: telegraph)

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