Google Adds Shared Folders to Google Docs

October 12, 2009, By Alex Ion

Today Google introduced ‘shared folders’ in Google Docs. It has been the most requested Google Docs feature so far. Shared folders work how you would expect them to and they will make it easier for a group of people to collaborate on documents.

To share a group of items, all you have to do is put them all into a folder and share the folder. When you add an item to a shared folder, it will automatically be shared and if you add someone to an existing shared folder, they will instantly get access to all of the folder’s content.

Google has also made it easy to upload multiple items to Google Docs. Instead of picking one file at a time, the new upload page lets you choose multiple files and upload them simultaneously, in just a couple of steps.  Just click on “Select files to upload” and use “Shift” or “Ctrl” to pick multiple files. Then press “Start upload”. The progress bars will enable you to watch the upload as it progresses.

Source: Official Google Docs blog

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