Dell Adamo XPS Laptop is Half as Thin as Apple Macbook Air

October 10, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dell has announced its new super light, thin design Adamo XPS laptop. The laptop, which had been in the news since September 2009, could well be a competitor for Apple’s much-talked about MacBook Air, one of the first laptops to adopt a lightweight thin design.


With the thickness specifications reading 9.99mm, Dell Adamo XPS is about half as thin as the MacBook Air. Though not many details are available at the moment, the Adamo XPS laptop could well be seen as part of Dell’s Adamo line of portable computer systems lined up for users who look for elegance in design and the needed specifications that will help run basic applications.

One impressive feature about the new XPS model is that it comes across as a super thin machine, which the company dubs as having “crafted to fall in love with.”

With more details to come in later, all we expect is that Dell would go in for Intel’s latest platforms for low-power, ultra-thin designs. We will now have to wait for the official word on the launch date, and it looks like it is worth a buy for its design. You might indeed want to fall in love with it. However, enthusiasts would hope Dell wouldn’t sacrifice usefulness and bring in more of aesthetics as Apple did with its MacBook Air. Would you pick one just for the design even when you know it doesn’t have a bunch of useful features? Dell might not do that with its Adamo XPS, we hope.

(via Softpedia)

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