Microsoft Office 2010 Ad-supported Free Version To Come Pre-loaded

October 9, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An ad-supported free version of MS Office would come pre-loaded on Windows computers soon. Microsoft Office 2010 is to be launched in mid-2010, and when that happens, the current MS Works that comes free on Windows XP and Vista computers now will be discontinued. An ad-supported version of MS Office 2010 will take its place instead.


The company has said that the MS Office 2010 ‘Starter Edition’ would be available as a pre-loaded option on Windows PCs. Some functionality would be restricted in the MS Office 2010 Starter Edition. However, it would have no expiry date unlike previous versions.

The advertisement feature might be worrying for some users. But when Microsoft offers something as popular as the latest version of MS Office for free, most of us would put up with it.

In case the ads are too irritating, you can easily go for an upgrade and remove those ads. It will be easy as the full version of Office would be already pre-loaded on your PC’s hard-drive. Just get the card with a licence code from your local retailer to make it ad-free.

As long as they get an ad-free version of MS Office, and the ads are not too intrusive, most users would be happy to kiss MS Works goodbye.

(via bit-tech)

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