Nissan Land Glider Electric Concept Sees Light

October 8, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Japan Auto Show Nissan

Sway and serve, that’s how it needs to be as you hit the busy city streets! Or at least Nissan thinks so. The tech-laden Land Glider from the Nissan stables is an ultimate statement as far as the Japanese car giant is concerned. Lo and behold as the electric car tilts and sashays up to at least a 17-degree angle as you step on the accelerator.

Positioned as a ‘personal city commuter’, the Land Glider has been fashioned as an experimental concept model that brings zero-emissions to the road. Only 43-inches wide (110cm), the electric vehicle comes with unique wheel segments that can move separately from the cabin and a rather interesting in line seating position, with one behind the other — city sightseeing guaranteed, eh?

Considering that Nissan’s Land Glider has been introduced just ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show which open doors later this month, company’s bosses and engineers are sure to have a more serious sitting to decide when this little piece of technology debuts the busy streets and the crowded parking lots.

[via AP]

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