Facebook Access Problems Are Real, So Are Inaccessible Accounts

October 7, 2009, By Alex Ion

Facebook has faced issues for at least a few months now and although some would’ve expected the fastest growing website in the world to get them solved, things have gone from bad to worse.


On  Tuesday afternoon, the company has acknowledged an internal glitch that prevented some of their users to access their accounts. Apparently the technical issue was connected to one of Facebook’s databases that has caused an extended period of maintenance for some users showing an annoying “down for maintenance” message.

With more than 300-million members already, Facebook is obviously having trouble coming up with a database architecture to prevent these kind of things to happen again. So, is there anything we can do? Nothing, but waiting for now!

However we can understand the frustration of some people …
My original page has been locked since 10/2/09 due to ‘site maintenance’. I have contacted FB numerous times and done everything that I have been instructed to do on the site maintenance site…to no avail. PLEASE FB HELP ME.”

[via Cnet] Image courtesy of fbouly

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