Palm Pixi webOS Handset Coming this Month?

October 2, 2009, By Atul Roach

Trusting this piece of information or shunning it as a mere rumor is purely at your discretion but the word on the street is that the Palm Pixi which is the second webOS device from Palm after the Pre will be released on October 20 and will be up for the grabs at the Sprint Store and Best Buy.

Palm-Pixi-Launch Date-October 20

There isn’t a great deal of information available about the phone but it will surely be a Sprint device. The Pixi which is being pipped as Pre’s younger brother will be the slimmest Palm device until date.

It has a 2.63-inch touchscreen display with a dedicated gesture area. The WiFi is missing but that should hardly be a problem as EVDO Rev will make up for that with a decent speed.

Pixi will have an unimpressive 2MP camera assisted with flash, 8GB internal memory and 1500mAh battery. Bluetooth and GPS also come as standard. We are not sure that this is the right time to release the phone (even if the rumor turns out to be true) as the market is flooded with big releases. [via: TechTicker]

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