Verizon Razzle Release Date Set for October 6

October 1, 2009, By Atul Roach

Verizon Razzle Coming October 6

Verizon is in a different mood this October and the opening week of the month will see no Samsung, no Nokia and no LG handset being introduced by the carrier. Instead, Verizon will have its very own proprietary ‘Razzle’ handset which will hit the Verizon stores on October 6. A PCD-sourced handset, the Razzle is an entry-level baby so it is definitely not the one that will dazzle you with its price tag.

It justifies the entry-level tag with its 1.3MP camera (it is better not to have one than having a 1.3MP option) and a sad 2.2-inch display.

The talking point about the phone is its twisting bottom half with stereo speakers and dedicated music keys on one side and full QWERTY keyboard on the other. Other ‘better’ integrations include a slot for a microSD card and GPS capabilities.

The uniquely designed phone with all its good and bad qualities costs a tolerable $69.99 on contract so even if you get tired of twisting it, the price at which you bought it will never really hurt you. [via: Engadget]

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