The Amazon e-Book Reader Kindle 2 Ready for a UK Debut

October 1, 2009, By Atul Roach

The Amazon Kindle 2 e-book reader has seen the daylight in many parts of the world but the UK is still secluded. It is now being told that Amazon will debut the Kindle e-book reader in the UK sometime this month. An official announcement is still awaited but as per the rumors, the proper announcement will be made next week.

Amazon-Kindle e-Book Reader-Arriving in UK-in October

It is ironical that the e-book reading Kindle II is arriving at a time when a few mainstream gadgets like the crunch pad and the netbooks are also capable of reading the e-books.

What is also being reported is that Amazon wants to launch the Kindle II before the Frankfurt book fair. Now whether Amazon is in a rush because of this fair or the clouded future of the e-book reader is yet to be known.

Also, there is no speculation regarding the DX model breaking into the UK market so all we can do is to wait for this information to develop before a sedate conclusion can be drawn. [via: Pocket-Lint]

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