Sneak Peak on RIM’s BlackBerry Storm II 9550

October 1, 2009, By Atul Roach

RIM-BlackBerry-Storm-Image 1

The RIM BlackBerry Storm wasn’t that successful a smartphone especially considering the success RIM has had with its other phones. The Storm II 9550 is therefore a more detailed product from RIM and the manufacturer has high hopes the second time around. You find the phone with the same screen on the outside but, there is a lot more which is gone on the inside. The touch input is now registered by four sensors which is an obvious hint that the screen responds better.

RIM-BlackBerry-Storm-Image 2

The design is also pretty much similar to the Storm I (there was nothing wrong with the previous design either) but the weight of the phone has been reduced. Another hearty change is the battery door latch mechanism and the side keys which now adore rubber rather than steel.

RIM-BlackBerry-Storm-Image 3

In case you are looking for a marked difference, you should look for the function keys below the screen. Overall, the screen is better to use since RIM has done away with the wiggle, making it less tiring to use.

The auto-correct is also more affective and it is not just a feature for namesake. The phone could have done a little better with a physical keyboard but still, the phone is pretty tolerable; way better than the Storm I. [via: PhoneArena]

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