Thin and Light Dell 16″ Latitude Z 600 Charges on Wireless

September 29, 2009, By Atul Roach

We agree that the Dell Latitude Z600 isn’t the kind of notebook every youngster wants on his lap but we can disregard the fact for the sheer quality of the product.

Dell Z-Latest Notebook-With-Wireless Charging

The 16-inch notebook from Dell is still in the wings but when ready, this one will make it to every corporate office bosses table that you’ve ever known. The magical notebook is light as air (given its category) and this could well be the first wirelessly charged notebook.

Right from its 16-inch display to its entire spec sheet, this is one of the best notebooks we’ve ever known but what grabs your attention are the talks of its wireless charging ability.

It is not the case where you could keep this lappy anywhere and it will start picking the charge but the chances probably are that the offering will use an inductive pad. Inductive pads charging has already been introduced in the world of cellphones but this is still a novelty as far as the world of computers is concerned. [Via: Cnet/ Engadget]

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