Microsoft Security Essentials Becomes Avaialable, Download it Today

September 29, 2009, By Alex Ion

Those who missed the limited public beta period for the Microsoft Security Essentials free antivirus software, should know that the application is expected be publicly available today, September 29.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Announced last year as a free substitute to the paid Windows Live OneCare and a superset of Windows Defender, Microsoft released a Beta version to the public last June. Now, after proving itself by detecting 97.8 percent of malware in tests conducted by, the Security Essentials (codenamed “Morro”) will be available as a free download to users running Windows XP, Vista or the upcoming Windows 7.

Meant for home use, the new Microsoft Security Essentials is expected to cause some serious competition to the big antivirus software companies. Meanwhile, it needs to up the speed scan, improve the detection rate and use less resources, before we all give it green light. Something that Microsoft will definitely tackle with today’s version.

As of now the Microsoft Security Essentials doesn’t have the application available for download. Just wait a bit more and you’ll get it for sure.

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