Apple Gets Newton Developer Back, Rehires Michael Tchao

September 29, 2009, By Atul Roach

Since we all know that Apple is not coming out with its tablet this year, Apple is leaving no one anxious and therefore it gets plenty of relaxed time to develop the product furthermore.

Michael Tchao rehired by Apple

Michael Tchao is one such individual that will help Apple a long way in making the product more effective and this is probably why Apple has rehired Tchao, the original developer of the Newton personal digital assistant. Michael has already served Apple for 10 years and in his second stint, he will join Apple as the VP of Product Marketing.

Prior to this he was serving as the general manager of Nike Techlabs where the Nike+ products are developed. The Apple tablet may or may not be a reason for rehiring Tchao but this development is making the release of the Tablet imminent as far as the gossip hounds see it.

Just for the records his Newton handheld was a flop and all Newton related products were discontinued in 1998 so maybe it is just the resume which earned him a second stint at Apple. [via: Product Reviews]


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