Nintendo cuts Wii price to $199 in US

September 24, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Nintendo today confirmed that it is dropping the price of the Nintendo Wii gaming console to $199 in the US.

Wii Price drop

The console cost price will be dropped by $50 as of September 27th. The $199 package will include the regular Wii system, a Wii Remote, a Wii Nunchuck and a copy of Wii Sports.

Wii is a tough competitor against the higher priced Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles from Microsoft and Sony respectively, with very high sales volumes. While the Xbox and the PS3 have undergone multiple price cuts from their respective parent companies, this is the first time that Nintendo has announced a price cut for the Wii, since its release 3 years back.

Nintendo announced that the new price drop will make the system “even more appealing”. Competing consoles Xbox 360 as well as PS3 are priced at $299. The new price cut was triggered due to the economy as well as an increase in the sales of competing products in the recent months.

[Via: Electronista ]

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